A while back I saw a commercial for a pen that advertised its ability to be completely erased. The only pens I had ever written with before that are the typical ones sold at any office supply store made by papermate. However, those usually leave black or blue marks on your paper, so I was a bit skeptical when purchasing my first FriXion pen.

When I got home that day and tried out the pen, I was disappointed in the quality of the ink, although it did erase as well as the advertisements said it would. I put this pen in a drawer and have not used it since.

About two weeks ago I saw a similar pen on Jetpens and thought that it might be better coming from such a reputable website when it comes to pens. However, when my pen arrived in the mail, I was in for another disappointment. The pen had the same problem, the ink.

The ink in these pens feel as though they are 88% water. I feel as though when I write I could lift up the paper and the ink would drip down. The rest of the pen including the eraser is a success however. The eraser is an interesting concept because it is made of rubber, and uses friction (hence the name) to remove the ink from the page.

However, the ink problem is too large of a drawback for me and I do not recommend this pen to those who prefer writing with fine lines or to those who often have problems with smudging their words.